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About Us

Consala Games created SonKorsan and MineFight games and published Titan Siege Online. The games have reached to 3+ million players. 

Company founders have more than 20+ years of experience in games business.

Our key to success is continuous improvement of existing games by providing new features and visual elements based on player interactions and feedback.

Our talented staff can integrate new ideas and features in a few weeks so that players can enjoy them as soon as possible. Dedicated community management team is actively listening to our players for new ideas.

Our in-house built support system has voting module where we get immediate feedback regarding past or planned features.

In our home country;
- MineFight is one of the earliest browser based games developed in 2008; 
- SonKorsan is the first browser MMO game developed in 2009; 
- Novagun is the first iOS and Android MMO game developed in 2011. 
- Titan Siege has become one of the most successful MMO titles, launched in 2016; 

We operate in two offices, U.S.A. and Turkey.

Game Publishing

We also publish games created by other studios. These are what differentiates us:

  • Broad experience in MMO genre and PC platform
  • Extensive knowledge and big community on browser platform
  • Big game industry network
  • We know how players think and behave and pay in Turkey
  • We know how to acquire players at low cost
  • Large internet cafe network
  • Gaming events at various internet cafes
  • Live streaming game events and PvP matches on Twitch and YouTube, with spectators on-air
  • We give away promotional gifts: t-shirts, branded bags, mouse pads, wall banners
  • We are also publishing our own browser and mobile titles, since 2008

Let us carry your game into huge crowds!


Titan Siege Online


  • PC MMO
  • Live in 2016
  • 30K+ users
  • Huge community followers

Strategy Game

  • Multi platform
  • MMO Strategy
  • Live in 2008
  • 500K+ users
  • "True strategy".

Pirate Game

  • Browser MMO
  • Live in 2009
  • 2.5M+ users
  • Translated to 9 languages


The game changers

Why Consala?


  • More than 3M registered
  • More than 50K MAU
  • 3 Billion cannon balls shot every day
  • Players all around the world
  • Senior and engaged community
  • Bug reporting loyal players

Our Strength

  • Entensive market knowledge
  • Broad player acquisition strategies
  • Big existing player network
  • Innovative support software developed in-house
  • Highly efficient community management
  • Effective and fast chat moderation system

Payment Infrastructure

  • Payments supporting 200+ countries
  • Our own payment software and systems
  • We support all payment methods in Turkey
  • Items are installed within seconds
  • Our bank transfer system approves transactions in minutes
  • Charge back ratio < 0.1%


  • We have developed our own support system
  • Users dont have to write email
  • Support items are prioritized based on various criteria.
  • High paying users get quicker response.
  • Important topics such as critical bugs are escalated.
  • Voting system shows most wanted and hated features.


  • Continuous and real time moderation
  • Otgen our users moderate themselves
  • When a conflict occurs admins are notified immediately
  • The penalties are strict and never removed
  • There are well defined rules and well defined penalties


  • Community management is very fast and efficient
  • We hire 1 community manager per 20K active people
  • Continuous feedback collection enables success
  • All social media interaction is handled in one utility
  • All systems health status is continuously monitored in one screen

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Consala Games


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